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Professional Services

What We Provide

Pest Control

Preventative Pest Control

A general pest spray treatment to create a barrier around your home to be able to ensure that you and your family will not be bothered by any ants, beetles, spiders, and other pests. We use high-quality products and have a two month guarantee. If during this time, any pests are found we will come and do free re-services as needed.


Rodent Removal

From mice, rats, voles, and even other live animal trappings we've got you covered. We aim for trapping and removal first and foremost. We avoid using poison, and if used, only under extreme circumstances and closely monitored so as to ensure no secondary poisoning or secondary ingestion will occur. We are thorough, and careful in this service as well as others.


Bed Bug Control

We offer a thorough and guaranteed treatment when taking care of any bedbug issues. We carefully inspect and treat all mattresses, bedframes, dressers, other furniture, and baseboards in the affected rooms. We create a regular schedule so as to ensure the bed bugs are eliminated quickly and efficiently.


Cockroach Extermination

We carefully assess the severity of the infestation to know exactly what manor of treatment and frequency would be best for each individual client to help ensure that their home, and food, can be kept safe and eliminated of the cockroach problem.

Termite Control

Termite Inspections & Treatments

Here at Integrity 1st Pest Control we pride ourselves in being meticulous and aware of details. This is so crucial to services like this where we need to be critical of any possible current or old damage for the safety of you and your family. We take pride in ensuring the safety of our clients in all aspect of our services and with termite inspections and treatments this is equally the case.

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